“once in a blue moon the universe drops something amazing in my lap. This is one of those rare instances.”


Johnnie Walker x Entourage

  • Client: Diageo

With the iconic Johnnie Walker brand struggling to connect with the millennial LDA, we saw an opportunity. Johnnie Walker has always stood for personal progress and the power of the next step. For the millennial, the ultimate story of the next step has always been the Entourage franchise.

With the highly anticipated Entourage feature film in the works, we saw an opportunity to bring these two worlds together. We reached out to friend of Cornerstone, Johnnie Walker fan, and Entourage creator, Doug Ellin and a beautiful partnership was born.

Inspired by the storyline of Entourage and how closely it mirrors everything the Johnnie Walker brand represents, we created an integrated campaign that both credibly re-positioned Johnnie Walker for the millennial consumer and supported the Entourage film release.

We brought Entourage into the iconic black and gold world of Johnnie Walker and created key visuals that anchored limited edition packaging and ATL/BTL communications. Of course, we had some fun with the partnership, working with Doug to script an original story featuring Johnny Drama and Jimmy Kimmel, an animated Johnny Drama social responsibility piece and even a “limited edition” Johnny Drama bottle that was distributed on April Fools Day. Pretty sure people are still searching stores looking to see if that one’s real.

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